In the words of our founding partner, Robyn:

We would like to share with you, a little background on an important part of Real Dog Rescue . . . the Copper Fund.  We have wanted to introduce the Copper Fund for some time now, but sharing Copper’s story was an emotional and difficult challenge for me.  As some of you know, shortly before the inception of Real Dog Rescue, my “heart dog” Copper was diagnosed with Lymphoma. This was in addition to having previously been diagnosed with Leukemia. To say I was devastated is a massive understatement. I lost Copper 3 months after the Lymphoma diagnosis and I was paralyzed by the immense loss of his presence, his spirit, his love, his everything. It was hard for me to even think about the creation of this fund because it felt too overwhelming to admit that he was truly gone. I ultimately chose to see this not as a memorial fund, but rather a way to honor Copper.

Copper had a very rough life before he made his way to me. He had been badly abused, resulting in an inability to trust people. He was always on the offensive, ready to make the first move before someone could hurt him. It took time, but he eventually realized that I didn’t want to harm him, I just wanted to love him. After that realization, we were inseparable. Copper’s story is one of courage and spirit. He was persistent and persevering, and his passion and love for life was contagious. He taught me how to fight and to never give up on the ones you love.

Real Dog Rescue was founded on the belief that every dog matters. As a result, dogs like Copper, will never be turned away just because they are sick or injured. We will fight for those dogs in the same way Copper fought for his life and the same way I fought for him. We will do whatever we can do to save them from injury, pain or suffering. We will take every measure to give them the best chance at a happy and healthy life. This fund, in honor of Copper Hendrix, gives all of our special needs dogs, the chance at life that they may not otherwise have.

The Copper Fund is a fund for Life, Hope, and Second Chances for dogs with special needs . . . because every dog matters.


The many faces of our always entertaining friend, Copper!

The many faces of our always entertaining friend, Copper!

Dogs Currently in Critical Need:



We were contacted a short time ago by a local high-kill shelter about this little girl in need of immediate rescue and urgent medical care. When first alerted, Penelope was lethargic and barely responsive. Her owner surrendered her because she had ingested some sort of metal object and no one knew how long it had been there or the extent of the damage it may have done.  What we did know is that Penelope's condition appeared to be life-threatening and time was of the essence. We raced to pick up Penelope and brought her straight to the care of our emergency veterinarian.  We fought hard for Penelope for a grueling 48 hours.  We ran every possible test, reviewed every possible image, and provided her every last resource to try to stabilize this sweet girl.  Heartbroken, we realized that it was just too late and Penelope was just too sick.  No matter what we tried, Penelope's little body just couldn't take any more.  We adored this little lady with all of our hearts and in just two days, our vet staff showered her with all of the love and care they possibly could so that she would know she was truly loved. 

Penelope's vet bills were more than we could have anticipated for such a short time in our care but we wouldn't have changed a moment of it.  Thanks to our Copper Fund, we were able to extend the chance to Penelope and allow her to feel the love of all those supporting our mission.                 

Your donation goes directly towards our most dire medical needs rescues:

·         $50.00                           MEDICATIONS/SPECIAL DIETS

·         $100.00 - $150.00          MEDICAL BOARDING PER NIGHT

·         $200.00 - $250.00          EMERGENCY VETERINARY CONSULTS/BLOODWORK

·         $500.00 - $750.00          DIAGNOSTIC TESTING/ULTRASOUNDS/X-RAYS

·         $1000.00 - $3000.0        EMERGENCY/CRITICAL CARE

·         $5000.00+                      LIFESAVING TREATMENT FOR SEVERE MEDICAL

The many dogs saved with help from The Copper Fund...

We will continue to update the gallery below with photos of the dogs and puppies that have received life altering treatment with aid from this special fund.  It is because of YOU, that these dogs have been given a chance at a comfortable and happy life going forward.