Real Dog Rescue needs foster homes.

One truth about rescue is that the amount of families who choose to open their homes to a dog in need directly correlates with the number of dogs' lives that we can save. Fostering is the backbone of rescue. It literally gives you the opportunity to allow a dog to live. It allows a litter of puppies to grow up, it allows a senior dog to know the comfort of a soft bed, and it allows a neglected dog to know that human interaction means soft words, full bellies and safety. Most of the dogs we rescue, through no fault of their own, have ended up in a shelter; where the odds of them making it out alive are slim to none.

We know there are a ton of you out there who are on the fence about fostering.  For those of you who think you could never foster because you would fall in love them with them all, our response is a resounding “Of course you will!”.  If you are the type of person who is considering fostering, it's because you have a warm and loving heart. It only makes sense that you would fall in love.  Trust us, we fall in love with every single dog that comes into our homes. But we also know that love is endless. The small sting of sadness that we feel when a foster goes to its forever home is but a small price to pay to know that we were able to be a part of the dog’s journey to a better life.

There are so many dogs that we want to save, and in order to do so, we need your help. If you have ever considered becoming a foster, please give it a try now.  Fill out an application and we will  give you a call.


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Terms and Conditions of Fostering *Important* By clicking the Submit Form button on the main Form, I agree to the terms of service. I understand and agree: --My foster animal will at all times remain the sole property of RealDogRescue --I am providing a good loving home to my foster animal and agree to give care, including adequate feed, adequate water, adequate indoor shelter that is properly cleaned, adequate space in the primary enclosure for the particular type of animal depending on its size, weight and height, adequate exercise and follow RealDogRescue's regulations on transportation and veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering or disease transmission. --Medicines and other supplies provided by RealDogRescue are for use with our foster care animals only and are not to be administered to animals that are not RealDogRescue animals. --All veterinary care must be authorized in advance by RealDogRescue and I agree to personally incur the cost for any treatment that has not been so authorized --I do not have any right to keep, adopt, transfer ownership or place foster animals in other homes or with other indivuduals. --Every animal I provide foster care for must returned to RealDogRescue by the date set forth or by the immediate request of RealDogRescue, and I agree to return the animal immediately if I am no longer able to provide foster care for the animal --I may be asked to, and I will so provide, RealDogRescue with any necessary information or materials that may be requested by them relating to the animal at any time (such as fecal samples, temperature, weight, etc.) to enhance the care that I am providing to the animal --I agree to HOLD REALDOGRESCUE, INC. HARMLESS FROM ANY DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THIS FOSTER CARE AGREEMENT. --RealDogRescue may terminate this foster agreement and foster arrangement at any time in its sole discretion --NO PERSON LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD WHERE THE ANIMAL(S) ARE GOING TO BE KEPT HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED OR CONVICTED (IN THE USE OR ABROAD) OF ANIMAL CRUELTY, NEGLECT OR ABANDONMENT, OR IS REGISTERED ON AN ANY DOMESTIC OR FOREIGN ANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRY --The information that I have provided is correct to the best of my knowledge, and I agree to follow all the rules of RealDogRescue, Inc.